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With our know-how of the latest technologies, our network of specialist partners and technology manufacturers, we are the right partner for you to produce your own energy. Our team has a long track record in developing and implementing projects in different fields: Energy, Automotive, R&D.

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ENERGY communities
An instrument to develop participative, democratic and affordable energy projects

Energy communities
An instrument to develop participative, democratic and affordable energy projects

We act as a European effort. We are guided by European directives and work hand in hand with local experts to follow national regulations closely – currently in Germany, Spain and Greece. In this way, we can reach the areas that most need access to clean and cheap energy. European islands, remote mountain communities, rural villages or small towns. Local Energy Communities (LEC), both Renewable Energy Communities (REC) and Citizen Energy Communities (CEC), are instruments for implementing energy projects.

The power to generate, consume and share energy stays local and helps improve the economic, social and environmental conditions of the region, ensuring the well-being of the areas where our customers live and work for generations to come.

Connect with us
in casE

connect with us
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… You are a company that needs energy and has limited land available,

… You are a group of citizens who have abundant space available and do not need much energy,

… You are a group of citizens who do not own land or buildings and want to get clean energy,

… You share the European vision of open, democratic and participatory decision-making.

In the projects, the owners and decision makers are the energy community. Part of these communities can be companies, public administrations and groups of citizens. We take care of everything: the concept, the implementation and the administration.

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We will be pleased to help you create a just energy transformation of your region!