Photovoltaic (PV) systems make use of the solar radiation to generate electricity. The PV modules produce direct current, that in combination with a solar inverter that transforms DC to AC, can be fed directly into your building’s electrical network.

Small wind turbines

small wind turbines

Large wind turbines over 50m high can only be installed on designated priority areas far from settlements. Small wind turbines, on the other hand, are turbines with a height of less than 50m that are installed in the immediate vicinity of a building so that the turbine is directly connected to the consumer. A large part of the electricity is consumed on site.

Energy storage

The integration of energy storage is essential to secure power self-supply over a long period of time and to meet demand at the times we need energy. Energy storage is the key the solve problems related to grid stability and optimization of energy self-consumption.

Charging stations

With the increasing use of electric vehicles, the need for devices to charge them optimally is also increasing. This is why installing charging stations at home or at work is so helpful. Not only can you charge your vehicle while you are at home or at work, but can also benefit from charging with low-cost available renewable energy available on site.