Energy storage

The integration of energy storage is essential to secure power self-supply over a long period of time and to meet demand at the times we need energy. Energy storage is the key the solve problems related to grid stability and optimization of energy self-consumption. Depending on the application, two main systems may be considered:

Electric batteries:

Electric batteries are the most effective way to store electricity for short-term demand of electricity. Home storage systems rely mainly on batteries in combination with an energy management system to reliably power your home or business with a high degree of autonomy and reduce your dependency on fossil fuels.


Hydrogen produced from renewable energy sources is called green hydrogen. Besides the need for producing and storing green hydrogen to replace conventional fossil hydrogen for industrial and chemical processes, hydrogen is an energy carrier that can serve many purposes in the energy sector, including sector coupling. In addition to large-scale plants, medium-sized hydrogen production and storage systems can also be used for decentralized applications, such as emergency power systems or transportation.