Small wind turbines

Large wind turbines over 50m high can only be installed on designated priority areas far from settlements. Small wind turbines, on the other hand, are turbines with a height of less than 50m that are installed in the immediate vicinity of a building so that the turbine is directly connected to the consumer. A large part of the electricity is consumed on site.

Compared to large wind turbines, small wind turbines have many advantages, as they are less invasive and produce less noise disturbance, fit more easily into the landscape, allow for easy installation and dismantling, and have a reduced use of concrete and metals, favoring other materials with lower CO2 footprint. Although there are many classifications, wind turbines with nominal power between 1 and 100 kW would fall into this category.

Small wind turbines produce energy all year round, even during clouds and at night. The effectiveness of small wind turbines and their economic performance are highly dependent on the project location and building characteristics. High sites with minimal obstacles in the surrounding are essential. Knowing the main wind direction, the occurrence of turbulence, and average wind speed is essential to assess the feasibility of such a project.

HATECHNO provides site analyses to determine the suitability of small wind turbines.